Restoring your body and mind in the gentlest and most effective way possible

“We are all born with the ability to change, heal and thrive

Hi I’m Isobel, a therapist, healer and trauma-sensitive worker.

I help you to transform the unconscious patterns that keep you from the life you really want.

Whether you want to experience a strong body free from pain, create loving relationships, fulfil your potential, or overcome depression, phobias, or self-sabotage – it is all possible when you understand and process what’s really going on in your mind, body, and energy field.

What is Emotional Trauma?

I believe that the negative patterns in our life (such as sleep problems, anxiety, physical pain and holding ourselves back in life) happen because of unresolved trauma.

Trauma isn’t just about physical injury or extreme situations. We’ve all experienced (or inherited) some kind of trauma in our lives that become deeply buried memories and emotion. In my 30-plus years of being a therapist, I have learned that when emotional pain and trauma aren’t acknowledged, they can appear as physical and emotional issues. What looks like comfort eating or feeling shut down is actually our trauma wanting to be processed and healed.

The Journey

Once healed, negative habits and patterns of behaviour disappear, and a new way of living and being emerges. We experience profound inner peace. Relationships heal. Possibilities open and we move forward with confidence.

It’s like coming out of a deep dark place and into a full and vibrant life.

If you are ready, the reward is life changing.

Work with me

  • Get to the root of your emotional issue or physical pain
  • Release buried emotion
  • Energetically improve relationship challenges
  • Understand the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck
  • Transform limiting beliefs
  • Address and release physical pain
  • Heal past, present and ancestral trauma
  • Develop confidence and inner peace

I’m qualified in a range of gentle techniques and energy therapies such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Angelic Reiki and Shiatsu.
These methods work with your body, energy field and unconscious mind to facilitate deep healing.