Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a technique of tapping on acupuncture points on the face, hands and upper body. While tapping, we use specific phrases about the issue or trauma and this allows the emotion to change (usually getting easier). In due course, clients often experience a difference, even calmness, about the way they think and feel about the issue or trauma.

EFT is a very effective way to find an issue or trauma and its cause. Once the first event is found, the tapping reduces the emotional charge quickly and deeply. The changes are usually long-lasting, as new positive patterns are formed.

Matrix Re-imprinting is an advanced EFT technique. It is effective in resolving the emotions connected with old traumatic memories in a safe way, quite often in one session.
At the same time, there will be a shift in the negative beliefs connected to these memories. This in turn allows the release of stuck emotional patterns which have been held in the body and thoughts. New beliefs and perceptions about yourself and the world around you can then be formed.

What People Say

“After becoming a victim of workplace bullying which resulted in my unfair dismissal, I suffered a borderline breakdown which affected my confidence and self esteem. I attended a full quota of NHS counselling sessions but felt a deep need for something more. In my search I discovered Isobel and soon realised I was ..'In The Right Hands' ????. Isobel introduced me to EFT & Matrix Reimprinting. With Isobel's kindness and professional help I began to believe in myself again. I have also learnt to let go of many bad experiences and regained much confidence in speaking up and saying how I feel.  I am now beginning to look forward to the New Year in a positive way. Thank you, Isobel! “


“I came to Isobel suffering several issues including anxiety, stress, work/relationship upset and past trauma. Having spent 8 years gradually avoiding tubes, flying, trains, even boats were a problem! I am talking chronic stress! Avoiding them meant buses and cabs. Within two sessions of EFT, I started using the overground and some Tubes. I even made a trip to Horsham. I did the EFT the morning before the train and I had no anxiety at all on my journey.

My friends have seen a huge difference and have been saying how proud they are! I am now getting on Tubes and trains regularly….incredible changes! EFT is such a simple but powerful technique that we can use anywhere, for pretty much anything! It's a magical tool.

Isobel is a very skilled practitioner with an empathetic and understanding view of your issues. So much more opens up in the sessions and Isobel uses other techniques and tools to help…..so you get more than just the EFT. During a very bad panic attack one morning, Isobel took me from feeling horrendous, to totally calm within minutes. I am now returning to work after a few months of sick leave….. I feel positive and empowered about my future, knowing I have EFT with me!

Thank you Isobel for all your support and wisdom. You are a truly special lady (to many I'm sure!).”


DISCLAIMER: Isobel Gordon has public liability insurance. Isobel takes no responsibility for adverse effects outside the therapy room.

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