Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is a spiritual and holistic therapy which is gaining in popularity with both clients and therapists around the world.

I use the principles of Angelic Reiki and angelic energy to help you clear emotional and health barriers in life. Reiki helps your mind to become relaxed and calm . Often clients go through a meditational journey to open up their energy for emotional healing. You gain clarity, insights to problems, feelings of motivation, and move to resolve issues in your life. Angelic Reiki can bring colour to the heart; however, it is a very personal journey for everyone.


Angelic Reiki treatment

Angelic Reiki uses angelic energy for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. I prepare, clear and protect the energetic space and provide the bridge between you and your healing angels. I give gentle, respectful touch for safe healing, and use quiet music for relaxation and meditation.  You can lie on a treatment bed or sit comfortably in a chair to receive your Angelic Reiki session.

DISCLAIMER: Isobel Gordon has public liability insurance. Isobel takes no responsibility for adverse effects outside the home therapy room.