Panic Attacks – Stress – Anxiety

By | October 1, 2014

Tracy was suffering from panic attacks. They were so bad that she would black out for a few minutes, in certain situations. She had a successful career as a manager in a small office. Everyone came to her when they had a problem, work related and personal. She had a very busy social life and quite often had to travel to clients’ premises, staying away from home a few nights at a time.

She was worried that her health was declining rapidly due to her constant ‘running on adrenaline’. Not only did she have the panic attacks but she was starting to get digestive problems, a dodgy back and her skin would break out periodically.

Panic Attack, Stress and Anxiety


When are Panic Attacks most likely to occur?

Panic attacks can be triggered in two ways.

 Either gradually over a long period of time, like a ‘drip feed of adrenaline’ into your bloodstream. This could be caused by troubled thoughts, anxieties or bad dreams, leading to night sweats.

Or something happens that plummets you right back to a memory of something which was perceived as a flight-or-fight situation in your past.

Both of these occurrences can lead to a massive increase in heart rate, commonly labelled as a ‘Panic Attack’.

Finding relief from Anxiety

We explored and resolved the early memory with Matrix Reimprinting and then Shiatsu to relax her body. Discussed her lifestyle and she agreed to make changes. By the end of her course of sessions she had forgotten that her original symptoms were her very debilitating panic attacks, and she was now leading a much healthier life and allowing herself some much needed ‘me time’.

What next?

If this sounds like you, or anyone else you know, please take a look at my EFT and Matrix Reimprinting page.

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