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By | January 6, 2014
  • When was the last time you had a whole night’s sleep?
  • I don’t just mean 8 hours’ sleep. I’m talking quality sleep.

Why is good sleep so important?

Leading sleep specialist and former Chair of the British Sleep Society, Dr Neil  Stanley, recently identified that, “poor sleep is linked to depression, heart disease, strokes, lung  disorders, traffic accidents and divorce, yet sleep is largely ignored as an important aspect of health.”

Yawning! 003

Too much screen and caffeine!

In case all this seems far-fetched, consider this: if you are regularly sleeping badly, you are likely to be highly irritable and your concentration will be affected. Relationships may well suffer both at home and at work; poor concentration will make you less effective, possibly leading to mistakes, slowness and even dismissal. Your finances may suffer. So may your health.  One of the consequences of all this may well be depression and all this stress may  put extra pressure  on your heart.

Serious stuff.

What can I do about poor sleep?

Conventional solutions involve sleeping pills. They have many side effects and lose potency over time.

How can you help yourself?

Depending on the problem, change of diet (e.g. reducing caffeine intake a few hours before bedtime) can be beneficial. A new mattress may be the answer.Reducing exposure to WIFI and other electronic devices can help.

But a very effective and safe solution can be offered by EFT and Shiatsu, helping you relax and switch off, ready for a refreshing night’s sleep.

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