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Shiatsu treatments are relaxing, restore energy levels and improve general health and feeling of well-being.

Only 2 weeks to go!

Are you feeling the huge transformation our world is going through? Come and explore how your own life is changing.   My ‘Healing and Transformation’ workshop will give you that opportunity. Saturday 26th March 2022 10am – 12.30pm Online This event is for you if you are … ·      Interested in wellness, healing and self-development ·      Ready… Read More »

Shifting Emotional Patterns

Now more than ever, our awareness is opening to healing, breaking generational trauma and creating deep transformation. Are you curious about the emotional patterns that hold you back? Happy to explore ‘shadow’ work? Looking to create a more ‘Confident You’? This workshop is designed to give you the space and tools to reflect, heal, and… Read More »

Healing Generational Trauma

When I work with my clients, our aim is to find the original trauma/event or root cause. Once we have identified this event, we can work to heal it. Sometimes, the belief is not theirs. It could belong to a parent, grandparent or a person further back in their ancestral line. Although these people may… Read More »

What I learnt on Saturday

  This has been an eventful few months. I prepared and delivered my first, online, Healing and Transformation workshop. Apart from the content, I had to get familiar with the tech. That seemed scarier than putting the workshop together. Crazy! Phew! What a journey. I tried to sabotage it several times but got back on… Read More »