Benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

By | February 19, 2014

How EFT changed my life (really!)

I discovered EFT at a time when I was very stressed. The practitioner questioned me in great detail and pin-pointed an anger issue I had been carrying around for many, many years. I was absolutely amazed that, at the end of the session, when she asked me to describe the event to her, I felt so different. There was no emotion left at all. It was like telling someone else’s story!

EFT Karate Chop Point

Karate Chop Point

I was so impressed that I decided to study EFT because I knew that this technique could provide a huge additional benefit to my clients.

I was astounded by the number of ways in which EFT can promote both emotional and physical health.


  • Reducing or eliminating physical cravings for substances and foods.
  • Relieving pain
  • Overcoming insomnia
  • Increasing your overall well-being
  • Losing weight through clearing emotions that cause comfort-eating
  • Ridding  yourself of emotions that keep you from eating a healthy diet
  • Releasing the emotions that are causing dis-ease within your body, allowing it to heal itself.

 How does EFT work?

 The combination of tapping on certain points and repeating statements releases the negative emotion. This process confuses the unconscious mind, thus preventing it from holding onto to the feelings associated with the event.

I had three EFT sessions with Isobel. These contributed to identifying and removing some of the emotional blocks I had and helped me in completing a demanding project before the deadline. Isobel approaches her work with kindness, passion and integrity. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in the way she works with her clients.
Harish,  Business Coach, Author, Trainer and NLP

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  1. Natalie Crawford

    For many people, alternative healing techniques offer relief from even the most stubborn symptoms. One, in particular, known as the emotional freedom technique (EFT), has shown promise in healing everything from physical pain and anxiety to negative behaviors such as smoking and alcohol abuse.


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