Workshop – Conquer your Cravings

  • Are you still struggling to cut out chocolate?
  • Are sugary desserts beckoning you?
  • Is it impossible to give up crisps and snacks?

If so, then this is the course for you!
It will help you:

  • to stop wanting to reach for the chocolate.
  •  ditch the sugary cakes or biscuits with your cuppa
  • and help you to choose healthier snacks.

Better without …… are cravings getting the better of you?

Would you like to walk past the chocolates, biscuits, cakes and crisps in the supermarket?
How would it be to conquer that craving?

I will help you overcome them. We will have fun exploring your triggers and rendering them powerless! In this time, it will only be possible to alleviate one craving. So choose the one you most want to get rid of today and bring a little piece or a small bag of your favourite brand with you.
Please be prepared to leave it behind, as you won’t want to eat it any more!

To find out the next dates for this course, please contact me

About Isobel

I help people get over things that stop them. I have 25+ years
experience in various techniques that help you to feel calm, happy and free. My workshops are always highly interactive, fun to attend and focused on getting results.

What People Say

“Isobel’s workshop was truly amazing.
I wasn’t too sure if it would work, being such a chocoholic, but it did – and very quickly.”
Judi Prue

I was amazed how quickly the EFT technique worked and also how pleasant and relaxing it is.”
Kamilla Strzylak