What I learnt on Saturday

By | September 23, 2021


This has been an eventful few months.

I prepared and delivered my first, online, Healing and Transformation workshop.

Apart from the content, I had to get familiar with the tech. That seemed scarier than putting the workshop together. Crazy!

Phew! What a journey. I tried to sabotage it several times but got back on track as the date was booked.

I worried about –  would it be ‘good enough’? Who would want to come?

I had to push through the marketing even though I was reluctant to be that visible. (I hate feeling salesy.)

I realised that the number of people was not as important as the right people being there. I wanted the group to gel.

Some joined last minute, some dropped out on the day! What a rollercoaster!


Once I got into my flow the time flew. I had a blast.

I learnt that when I am ’in flow’ that is when the magic happens. It became easier as we went along and everyone became comfortable with each other.

We created a great atmosphere quickly. I guided them through some simple and effective techniques that they could use in their everyday lives.

I realised that it was an honour that everyone trusted me to ‘hold the space’ for them to have an emotional shift.

Regardless of who we are and our profession, we can all benefit from exploring and healing our recurring negative emotional patterns and their root causes.

Everyone seemed to get what they wanted from our time together and the feedback has been awesome.

If this resonates with you, please send me a message to arrange a chat.

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