What do Physical symptoms really indicate?

By | February 10, 2022

Could physical pain be related to unresolved emotions?

Over the years I have treated many people with physical ailments. It is very tempting to start by treating the symptom. This is the way we have been taught to think about illness and pain.

Getting some relief from the pain is important and makes it much easier to start to explore the root cause.

In my experience the physical pain is our body’s last resort.

What do I mean by this?

It is easy to hide emotional pain. We can bury it or ignore it. We can find ways to numb the pain.

If we keep on suppressing the feelings, eventually, our physical body will let us know that it is time to give this issue some attention.

By asking some questions about the pain or illness we can find out what the emotion is that has been ignored. For example, say you have a red, itchy rash. Anger, frustration, irritation – staring us in the face. (We even talk about it looking angry.) A few more questions will usually lead us to the underlying cause of the frustration/irritation.

The same applies to an ache or illness that is stopping us leading a full life.

It is common for some of these symptoms to go and come back again. These recurring patterns are signposts to show us where to start looking at past trauma.

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