Touching 1 person can affect 1000 people

By | July 29, 2021

I believe we affect each other in subtle ways.

We communicate with speech and body language.

Our energy can affect each other’s energy by sending unconscious messages to each other. We don’t have to be in the same room for this subtle energy exchange to occur.

Have you ever thought about someone who you haven’t had contact with for a long time? Within minutes they call you on the phone! It was just a fleeting thought. Maybe you knew that they were thinking of calling you!

We don’t know how many people we affect by the many ways we communicate.

For example, when I go to a networking meeting, I like to make people feel at ease. I pass on positive experiences so they can quickly make their networking effective. I share information that may be useful.

When I work with a client, they share their positive experience with their friends and family.

When I hear my advice or anecdotes being repeated, I know I have made a difference. The ripple effect has been at work.

I love the confirmation that the energy exchange is at work.

In times of crisis and unrest there have been global meditations organised to send peaceful thoughts and intentions to the troubled area. At the time of the meditation, and for some hours after, there was a cease-fire or hostilities ceased. The power of many people with the same intention is truly amazing.

When I touch one person, they touch 10 who, in turn, touch 10. It doesn’t take long for a 1000 people to be reached.

My hope is that this ripple effect will spread healing and light to the whole world, in time.

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