The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Learned

By | July 5, 2021

In my 30 years as a therapist, the most powerful thing I’ve learned is that most ailments (whether physical or emotional) have an unconscious root cause from childhood.


I believe that a negative belief is formed when an event occurs that causes a sense of trauma in our body.


At that moment, the formed belief stays with us to protect us. It is reinforced every time a similar event happens and can lead to unhelpful recurring patterns later in life.


Some typical recurring patterns are: repeatedly choosing abusive relationships, phobias, anxiety, anger issues, depression and some physical illnesses and symptoms.


Sometimes when we find the “first event”, it may not be our trauma. This is where it gets interesting, because we can carry someone else’s trauma. It could be a parent or a grandparent or beyond. It is becoming evident that many of us are carrying ‘generational trauma’ from our ancestors.


In my work, I heal both personal and generational trauma so that people can be free of recurring emotional issues, pain or symptoms.


I am passionate about discovering and healing these root causes to help my clients move forward in their lives feeling confident and empowered.


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