Shifting Emotional Patterns

By | November 23, 2021

Now more than ever, our awareness is opening to healing, breaking generational trauma and creating deep transformation.

  • Are you curious about the emotional patterns that hold you back?
  • Happy to explore ‘shadow’ work?
  • Looking to create a more ‘Confident You’?

This workshop is designed to give you the space and tools to reflect, heal, and understand the emotional patterns that hold you back. Through an introduction into ‘shadow work’, emotional freedom techniques and self-awareness, you will have the opportunity to surface and break patterns to create a more “Confident You”.

It is for you if….

  • You are interested in wellness, healing and self-development
  • You want to surface the patterns holding you back
  • You are ready to explore shadow work – which means exploring the recurring negative emotional patterns underpinning your life
  • You want to learn self-healing techniques you can incorporate into your daily practice
  • You are ready for a positive shift”

There are 4 spaces left.

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