Noticing Recurring Patterns

By | July 5, 2021

It is common to be unaware of our emotional patterns until we reach a crisis point and realise that the same thing has happened – again.


If we carry on ignoring these events, our unconscious mind and body are really clever at ‘flagging’ them up for us to deal with them.


If we don’t take notice of the emotions that are presenting themselves, the ‘noise’ gets louder and something will happen to our body – like a debilitating backache or slipped disc, or we may fall and break a bone. We are literally stopped in our tracks.


We have to ‘stop’. By this stage we are not being given a chance to slow down because we have ignored the original cry for attention.


After the physical symptoms have been dealt with, I strongly recommend looking at what else is not working in your life.


To do this effectively, it is a good idea to find a therapist/healer to shine a spotlight on your unconscious hidden patterns. Once the root cause and original trauma has been found and healed, life can look very different.


I am passionate about uncovering recurring patterns and healing them so that you can begin to feel empowered again and start to lead a calmer more fulfilled life.


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