Healing Generational Trauma

By | October 5, 2021

When I work with my clients, our aim is to find the original trauma/event or root cause. Once we have identified this event, we can work to heal it.

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Sometimes, the belief is not theirs. It could belong to a parent, grandparent or a person further back in their ancestral line.

Although these people may no longer be with us, their hurt lives on.

We can access their energy in the matrix and help them to heal the emotion. Once this healing takes place, the pattern is broken, and the trauma/belief no longer has any power.


When Jane visited her mum, mum was defensive and accused Jane of interfering. Jane was trying to make sure mum was looked after as she approached old age. This conversation had gone on for several years. Each time mum was getting angrier.

We explored mum’s earlier life. When Jane was a child her mum’s sister took control of her and her sister. Jane’s

mum felt useless as a mother. It was her aunt’s controlling nature (fear) that was running the show. We healed Jane’s aunt and her grandmother, who was fearful about letting other people get on with their own lives.

The next time Jane saw her mum there was less tension between them.

By addressing the fear in her ancestors, we were able to release the trauma in Jane’s emotional body too.

Our ancestors experienced hurt and suffering. It has passed down the generations.

I believe that this generation are here to break these patterns and heal our previous generations’ hurt. Therefore, allowing our future generations to live a freer existence.

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