Healing deep emotions is better than burying them

By | September 17, 2021

Standing by a lakeSince I was a little child, I suffered from eczema and developed asthma in my teens.

My parents took me to the doctor. I was prescribed hydrocortisone creams and given an asthma pump.

In my 30s I discovered that by suppressing my eczema I was not dealing with the cause. When I stopped using the cream the painful, red raw, weepy eczema came back.

In my Chinese medicine studies, I learnt that the skin, lungs and large intestine are represented by the metal element.

It transpires that all the time I had been suppressing my skin the symptoms had to go somewhere else. You guessed it – my lungs were next in line.
Eventually, I began to get digestive problems too.

When learning to be a therapist, I saw that the pattern of suppressing symptoms, long term, is not the answer. Getting them under control to gain relief, short term, creates short term relief.

I was in a lot of physical pain and I discovered that all this turmoil was linked to my emotions.

The emotion associated with the metal element is grief. Specifically, letting go of people or things that are not serving us anymore. There can also be a feeling of isolation and quite often we don’t have clear energetic boundaries.

When I addressed my emotions with EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Shiatsu, my symptoms became much more manageable.

Burying my emotions was much more painful than facing and healing them. Once they were out in the light, they had no more power and my body could heal.

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