Touching 1 person can affect 1000 people

I believe we affect each other in subtle ways. We communicate with speech and body language. Our energy can affect each other’s energy by sending unconscious messages to each other. We don’t have to be in the same room for this subtle energy exchange to occur. Have you ever thought about someone who you haven’t… Read More »

Are You A Swan?

    I believe that many of my clients are like swans – looking beautifully serene gliding on top of the water.  the water, out of sight, they are paddling frantically.   My clients often say that their friends and family are shocked that they are in such turmoil that they needed to seek my… Read More »

How Have Relationships Suffered Since Lockdown?

In March 2020 we were locked down to contain COVID. Unfortunately, no one could have foreseen the emotional side effects. There are several ways people have been affected: Being locked away has resulted in some people being unable to feel safe around others. Many do not want to return to their place of work because… Read More »

Are Hidden Negative Emotions Holding You Back?

It’s common to be unaware of negative hidden emotional patterns. It’s now known that only 1% of our thoughts are conscious. The other 99% are unconscious. Our unconscious mind operates 24/7, even when we’re asleep. Most beliefs are formed when we’re children, before age 6. Negative beliefs are formed during painful or fearful events, creating… Read More »

Noticing Recurring Patterns

It is common to be unaware of our emotional patterns until we reach a crisis point and realise that the same thing has happened – again.   If we carry on ignoring these events, our unconscious mind and body are really clever at ‘flagging’ them up for us to deal with them.   If we… Read More »

Lockdown Has Triggered Unhelpful Emotional Patterns

Studies have shown that it only takes 21 days to form a new habit.   Now we have formed new habits of distancing, I’m seeing more and more people struggling to go into crowded public places, and in some cases not able to step outside the front door. Many are reluctant to return to their… Read More »

The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Learned

In my 30 years as a therapist, the most powerful thing I’ve learned is that most ailments (whether physical or emotional) have an unconscious root cause from childhood.   I believe that a negative belief is formed when an event occurs that causes a sense of trauma in our body.   At that moment, the… Read More »

Public Speaking? I’d rather die!

“I’d rather die than do public speaking.” So often you hear people express sentiments like that. I have to confess that I was a subscriber. The idea of doing a 60-second elevator pitch filled me with terror. I loathed the idea of speaking to a video camera. Addressing a group for 10, 20 or 30… Read More »

Panic Attacks – Stress – Anxiety

Tracy was suffering from panic attacks. They were so bad that she would black out for a few minutes, in certain situations. She had a successful career as a manager in a small office. Everyone came to her when they had a problem, work related and personal. She had a very busy social life and… Read More »

5 tips for surviving Christmas

Christmas day is fast approaching. I don’t know about you but, I have been to parties and gatherings where there is food that I wouldn’t normally eat. And WAY too much of it. I find myself feeling obliged to eat and drink just because someone has bought and prepared food for me. I do love… Read More »