I love positive feedback

I love positive feedback. Sometimes I only find out how the client felt when I ask for their written feedback. This dropped into my inbox recently. *** Isobel was professional, kind and thoughtful from the moment I contacted her for Shiatsu treatments. I can highly recommend her. I felt immediate benefits following treatments and felt… Read More »

Is it the destination or the journey?

In our house we have a lot of conversations about travel. Mainly because our son is a Senior Conductor on the railway. He has always loved travelling on trains and planes and, actually, any form of transport. He loves to find new routes and makes of trains. A fabulous day out is to find a… Read More »

Autumn – A time for letting go.

Clearing out emotions that no longer serve us. Decluttering our home, our computer files, our office. The trees shed their leaves to make room for next year’s new ones. Some animals start to make a store for the winter. We are all getting ready to slow down and move inwards physically and emotionally. During the… Read More »

What have I been up to this summer?

I have been quiet on social media for a few weeks. Been busy seeing clients and managed a couple of short breaks. The first to the beautiful island of Jersey and the second to Bath and Cardiff. Jersey is a pretty Channel Island with many scenic roads especially around the coast. The coast roads drop… Read More »

Only 2 weeks to go!

Are you feeling the huge transformation our world is going through? Come and explore how your own life is changing.   My ‘Healing and Transformation’ workshop will give you that opportunity. Saturday 26th March 2022 10am – 12.30pm Online This event is for you if you are … ·      Interested in wellness, healing and self-development ·      Ready… Read More »

What do Physical symptoms really indicate?

Could physical pain be related to unresolved emotions? Over the years I have treated many people with physical ailments. It is very tempting to start by treating the symptom. This is the way we have been taught to think about illness and pain. Getting some relief from the pain is important and makes it much… Read More »

Shifting Emotional Patterns

Now more than ever, our awareness is opening to healing, breaking generational trauma and creating deep transformation. Are you curious about the emotional patterns that hold you back? Happy to explore ‘shadow’ work? Looking to create a more ‘Confident You’? This workshop is designed to give you the space and tools to reflect, heal, and… Read More »

Healing Generational Trauma

When I work with my clients, our aim is to find the original trauma/event or root cause. Once we have identified this event, we can work to heal it. Sometimes, the belief is not theirs. It could belong to a parent, grandparent or a person further back in their ancestral line. Although these people may… Read More »

What I learnt on Saturday

  This has been an eventful few months. I prepared and delivered my first, online, Healing and Transformation workshop. Apart from the content, I had to get familiar with the tech. That seemed scarier than putting the workshop together. Crazy! Phew! What a journey. I tried to sabotage it several times but got back on… Read More »

Healing deep emotions is better than burying them

Since I was a little child, I suffered from eczema and developed asthma in my teens. My parents took me to the doctor. I was prescribed hydrocortisone creams and given an asthma pump. In my 30s I discovered that by suppressing my eczema I was not dealing with the cause. When I stopped using the… Read More »