Are You A Swan?

By | July 6, 2021
Swan paddling

Photo by Arnold Straub on Unsplash



I believe that many of my clients are like swans – looking beautifully serene gliding on top of the water.  the water, out of sight, they are paddling frantically.


My clients often say that their friends and family are shocked that they are in such turmoil that they needed to seek my help.


They have been ‘holding it all together’ at work. At home they are moody, bad tempered or withdrawn. They cannot be themselves for fear that the world will realise they are not coping. Any little thing can upset them.


At some point they are petrified to get angry. They have kept the anger inside for so long, it has become rage. There is a danger it could erupt like a volcano and devastate everyone around them.


I take them on a journey of self-discovery. They can be themselves, without feeling judged.


We explore where these feelings and patterns first appeared. We heal the traumas that formed their beliefs about not being able to be themselves.



I give them tools and techniques to feel protected from the people who trigger them, and their confidence starts to reappear.


When the traumas are resolved, they are able to be themselves with a real sense of Inner peace.

Joy starts to emerge into their lives again.


They feel beautifully serene without having to paddle under the water.


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