Are Hidden Negative Emotions Holding You Back?

By | July 5, 2021

It’s common to be unaware of negative hidden emotional patterns.

It’s now known that only 1% of our thoughts are conscious. The other 99% are unconscious.

Our unconscious mind operates 24/7, even when we’re asleep.

Most beliefs are formed when we’re children, before age 6.

Negative beliefs are formed during painful or fearful events, creating a trauma.

Our ego’s job is to keep us safe and so it will remember the incident and make sure we don’t repeat it. However, beliefs strengthen as we become older, resulting in irrational fears or patterns.

For example: 3 year old Jenny was in the kitchen playing with a sharp knife. Her mother shouted – “NEVER TOUCH A SHARP KNIFE, IT IS VERY DANGEROUS”.

Jenny was scared by her mother shouting – in that moment her body froze, and the belief ‘sharp knives are very dangerous’ formed.

When she was older, she saw someone at school cut someone with a sharp knife. A few years later she witnessed a stabbing. These events reinforced her belief. Eventually, every time she had to use a sharp knife, she had anxiety and panic attacks. It was irrational and she had no idea why – only that it was holding her back from creating lovely food in her kitchen.

Jenny’s mother had no idea that keeping her daughter safe by shouting at her would lead to a knife phobia. But to Jenny, the event was huge, and her body stored the memory as protection.

After a few therapy sessions Jenny was able to heal the trauma of her mum shouting about the sharp knife and the subsequent events. Slowly, she became calm using knives in her kitchen. Her dream of cooking for pleasure became a reality.

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